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Horti Bazaar

Horti Bazaar

Online shopping portal for Horticulture department of Karnataka

Himalayan Fantasy

Himalayan Fantasy

Travel information and booking portal

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Cyber security training

Educating & Empowering Digital Citizens
Our mission is to enable youth, families and school communities to be empowered by technology, recognizes that children are "Digital Naives" who, without intervention, completely lack understanding of the implications of their digital actions.

The Dangers in the Virtual World

Today, children are being widely socialized online almost from the moment of conception. By promoting the use of technology into our most intimate spheres of life, we validate its very presence and send a false message to our kids that they are always safe online. As true digital natives, todays children are accustomed to a world connected to technology and to all of the iterations of its influence on our daily activities. While technology offers young people access to more information and opportunity than previously imagined, parents and educators need to guide young people spending a large part of their lives immersed into a screen. Its important to grow up cyber aware and be safe in the virtual world. Its also equally important to embrace the principles of Cyber Ethics to understand the significance of respect and empathy as it relates to digital decision-making.